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Key Lime Frozen Yogurt


A light and tasty frozen yogurt with a creamy texture and a fresh, zesty flavor. 

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Make yourself a heavenly frozen yogurt without colorings, artificial flavorings or corn syrup. 
Simple ingredients… simply delicious!

If you have read the ingredient list at your local frozen yogurt shop, (like I have) you will be amazed how many ingredients are blended to make this creamy, cool confection. Commercial fro-yo seems healthier than ice cream, although most have equal amounts of sugar… with more ingredients. Additives I stay away from are: citric acid, natural and artificial flavorings, corn syrup (gmo), sodium citrate and a long list of stabilizers.

Food scientists chime in: “Isn’t it amazing how many additives it takes to make something taste natural?

I opt to eat real food. Frozen yogurt does offer a good dose of calcium, and I love the tangy flavor. I would rather consume a good scoop of ice cream, from a small batch producer with organic ingredients, that a fro-yo swirl concocted from a pre-made liquid or powder.

Invest in an ice cream machine! I enjoy making many types of frozen desserts, many flavors are inspired by the produce in farmers’ markets. I make some with a cashew milk base, some with coconut milk, and this recipe – with yogurt and buttermilk. Organic brown rice syrup replaces corn syrup for a clean taste, which adds the right amount of creamy texture.

To add a natural green color to my key lime frozen yogurt, I blend some fresh mint and basil into the base, an will never use food coloring in my food.

To make the yogurt with a blackberry swirl, cook fresh blackberries with a small amount of natural cane sugar and water, puree and strain out the seeds. Swirl the puree into the yogurt in the last few seconds of churning.

Key lime flavor pairs well with a gingery-cinnamon flavor – so I made some soft ginger-crackle cookies and sandwiched them with the yogurt – and popped them in the freezer to set.

Who isn’t happier after eating a few bites of a homemade ice-cream sandwich?


Tart yogurt pairs perfectly with soft, crackled ginger cookies - Freeze together for the ultimate ice cream sandwich

Key Lime Frozen Yogurt with a Blackberry Swirl, Blackberries and a Crackled Ginger Cookie

Pints of frozen yogurt, one with a blackberry swirl.

Squeeze fresh key limes, a distinctive tart flavor

For some natural green color, blend some mint and basil leaves with the yogurt mixture

Cook fresh blackberries with a little sugar and water to make a puree (see recipe)

Frozen Yogurt Ice Cream Sandwiches - Soft Ginger Crackled Cookie



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