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Rhubarb Tart ~ Shortbread Cookie Crust


As summer fruits are still ripening, taste the marvelous, special flavor of Rhubarb in this easy to make (promise!) fruit tart

Tangy-sweet the perfect tart with a Cookie Crust

Add some fresh berries to the last minutes of baking if desired

I have a special place in my heart for Rhubarb… ready to pick now through summer. My grandparents had plentiful rhubarb plants sprawling in their garden, and rhubarb pie was typically served after dinner. This beautiful ruby hued perennial has a flavor that is distinctive, tart and heavenly scented.

Rhubarb’s sourness is flattered by a constellation of other fruits and flavors, but I like to keep it simple, and not overpower with much… so the plant’s essence is forefront. Look for rhubarb at your local farmers market. I bought mine from Joe at Smith’s Acres, Darien CT farmers’ market – a bargain at $3 a pound!

To make the tart – plan ahead. The rhubarb is cooked down with pure cane sugar to make a compote… this can be made a few days ahead! I only add a little orange rind – that’s it, three ingredients. It’s also not overly sweet, just enough sugar to balance the fruit’s tartness.

I like to make the dough when just ready to bake. I have made tarts many ways in my day – the simplest way is to make the dough, divide in 4 even pieces and roll each out into 7″ disk. The disks lay on a parchment lined rimmed pan, filled with the compote, then crimped into little tarts (one tart for two?) Freeze the pan for 1 hour, until firm and cold, and bake in the oven. The easiest method.

Fresh berries can be added on top of the rhubarb compote in the last minutes of baking – they will complement the tart.

The dough will crisp up, the filling will just start to bubble with flavor – an amazing little accomplishment.

The shortbread cookie crust stays firm when cooked, and crumbles like a cookie when cut into… perfection!

These tarts will last for a few days, or freeze them and any day can be a bright, tart day!

Enjoy my favorite tart,

Choose unblemished firm rhubarb stalks with a dark ruby color... discard the leaves

Cook rhubarb, pure cane sugar with a pinch of orange rind

The recipe make small 4 tarts, roll the dough - add the compote in the center, then fold over to make an edge

Berries add a nice contrast, add a few if you like

The shortbread crust is buttery-delicious and crumbles like a cookie!

Enjoy the pleasures of baking for yourself - this is a fool-proof recipe



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  1. Hi Karen!! I just subscribed to your blog!! thank you!! I also tried this tart as my FAVORITE fruit is RHUBARB!! I simply cannot get enough! We just moved and a neighbor, after chatting a bit of course, brought me a small Rhubarb plant! I planted it last year, it might have been a 2 yr plant and didnt produce much buy JUST ENOUGH to do a small tart! One big one! Anyways, I didnt take a pic, arrrgh!!, but this was so delish I cant stand it! Off to buy more down the street at a farm [we moved from the city type kind of place to a country .75 acres with a new veggie garden!! first time!] We love it out here! Anyways, next year I will be making more of your awesome cookie tarts!! And of course, if they make it…..freeze some!! LOL…thanks for having your blog and off to read more of your goodies!! Sincerely, Pam Zirbel, Western NY]

    • Jamie
    • 18 Jun 2016

    After reading Pam’s comment I can’t wait to try this recipe and share with my family. Thank you Karen!

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