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Fried Summer Zucchini with Garlic – Lightened-Up


A lightened-up Fried Zucchini Recipe inspired from the famous Il Mulino Restaurant in New York City. A healthier yet delectable version! My master recipe is Gluten-Free.

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There are certain restaurant dishes you never forget… that linger in your mind, revealing memories of passionate and addictive flavors. The fried zucchini which graces the white lined table cloths at Il Mulino, in New York’s West Village, is the perfect starter served gratis  – exhibiting the pulse of dishes to come… highly flavored…  you will most likely loosen your belt buckle.

Pan-frying in extra virgin olive oil takes some more time extra time and patience. Each circle of zucchini is dipped and dusted with flour, and cooked in a skillet side by side, instead of group deep-frying. They soak in less oil, yet produce a satisfying, true fried- zucchini flavor.

Lately, I have been experimenting with gluten-free flours in much of my cooking, and am happy to share, it works perfectly here dusting the round slices of zucchini. The key to this recipe is choosing the farm fresh, just picked zucchini – it looks special, and the flavor is mild, yet sweet. I marinate the slices in beaten egg and garlic. Skip the step of salting and pressing – this zucchini will be crisp from the oil, yet not coated in it, or deep-fried.

To lure the dish into a memorable experience, I have one word to say… “GARLIC”, and plenty of it!
After the zucchini is done, and resting on a cooling rack,  chopped garlic is sautéed in some more extra virgin olive oil with a generous pinch of hot chile flakes, and all is tossed together. While warm, add a good dash of sherry vinegar and sea salt.

Eat immediately, or reheat in the oven – which will re-crisp the zucchini rounds beautifully. Other add-ins which compliment are shaved radicchio, fresh basil leaves and a grated of parmigiano-reggianno cheese.

Zucchini is an inexpensive squash in summer, which produces an abundant crop due to the warm rays of the season. Indulge and enjoy every morsel of the dish – treat yourself!


Summer Zucchini - so many varieties to choose from! Use a mandolin for even slices

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Dust Zucchini slices with gluten-free flour... or regular flour - your choice!

Toss in some Sherry Wine Vinegar and sea salt ... ready to serve!

Crispy and fried with less oil. Wonderful flavor with loads of chopped garlic and red chile flakes

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