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Spiced Grilled Chicken Open-Faced Sandwich Topped with Gruyere Fondue and Butternut Squash & Apple Jelly


Create and compose a delicious sandwich that is mouthwatering and delectable! A spiced grilled chicken breast is sliced and piled on tasty miche bread and adorned with a gooey cheese “fondue” and a fabulous butternut squash & apple jelly ~ a recipe for the obsessed (like me!)

Artisan sandwiches are all the vogue… messy, trendy and funky. Chef’s have tackled the task, becoming mad scientists in the kitchen. Today, the better shops make their own breads, meats and condiments in their kitchen. American’s palates have become more adventurous and discerning… health matters to many – but some outrageous combinations, such as a bacon cheeseburger wedged between two krispy cream donuts seem to have their place.

If you think of the most famous sandwich combinations, the list might include New Orlean’s Mufalatta, Maine’s Buttered Lobster Roll, North Carolina’s Pulled-Pork or New York’s Pastrami piled high on Rye Bread. Isn’t pizza really (one of the most popular foods in the country), an open faced sandwich?

If you haven’t tried Miche bread (it’s the base of this sandwich) yet, you should. I first sampled this French-style loaf from Orwasher’s Bread shop, they come a local farmers’ market on Saturdays in Larchmont, NY. Chardonnay grapes naturally ferment the large loaf with whole wheat and dark rye flours. An outstanding winey flavor with a moist interior and crisped crust. I have recently found it at some Whole Foods Markets – the bread is quite huge, they cut you a piece and charge by weight. I bought a sixth, used a piece or two, then sliced it quite thickly, about 1″ wide, and placed it in the freezer while it was still quite fresh – for later enjoyment.

Making fondue at home is a snap. No fondue pot is needed (although one of my favorite vintage kitchen collectibles is my 70’s apple green one). Heat some white wine and minced garlic and stir in grated gruyere cheese with a pinch of cornstarch. Blend until creamy and smooth and pour over the warm grilled chicken over bread. Once you learn the simple technique, you’ll be making it again and again… dipping apples, pears and cubed fresh bread into the cheesy goodness.

Like the best sandwiches in the country right now, it’s the original, house-made condiments that makes a truly great and memorable sandwich. Try making all the components of this sandwich (ok, most of them) and you will graced with a heck-of-a home made treat!

I have created this jelly with butternut squash and apple cubes laced with onion, ginger, hot chiles and fresh apple juice to compliment the salty-creaminess of the sandwich. Not too sweet, not too hot. It lasts a while in a clean glass jar in the refrigerator, or use a canning method and enjoy it for months to come.

Enjoy your new creation!


Butternut Squash and Apple Jelly with onion, ginger, hot chiles and fresh apple cider

Ingredients for the savory jelly
The sauteed veggies for the jelly
Bird’s eye view of the sandwich creation
The jelly, setting off the stove

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