Breakfast Burrito with Gravlax Salmon, Eggs, Spinach, Dill & Creamy Herbed Cheese

Delicious for a New Year’s Day brunch or anytime guests are dropping by

I enjoy making all kinds of filled tortillas – burritos. These would make the perfect main course for a New Year’s Day brunch, rounded out with oven roasted herbed potatoes and a salad with fresh citrus. Easy, healthy party pick up food – or – a make a day ahead, reheat for breakfast in the morning dish!

The best ingredients matter, even in this simple recipe. I bought the spinach – tight dark green bunches in a farmers’ market and it has exceptional flavor and texture. I would source out bunched spinach from natural food stores, or better grocery stores, it has superior gusto to bagged baby spinach. Simply saute onions, spinach and dill, portion on the tortillas and top with a little lemon rind, softened cheese and gravlax (or smoked salmon). Like eggs, lox and onions in a burrito – but updated.

I like this delicatessen dish, but never cared for the salmon, it has always been overcooked, and then tasted fishy. Adding sauteed greens mellows all the flavors, and packs some extra fiber. Use the sliced salmon of your choice, gravlax is sold in packages in many stores next to the lox and nova. It is added just before rolling and baking, and will just get warmed through.

Try my recipe for gravlax below – it’s ultra simple, you just need to plan ahead for it needs three days to cure in the refrigerator. I add citrus juices and zests for tang and natural sweetness .. and because you are reading

” a zest for life”

Wishing you great things to come in 2012


The ingredients

Fresh sliced spinach, gravlax and lemon rind

Sauteed onions, spinach, dill until creamy

Portioning the egg mixture on the whole wheat tortillas with some dollops of soft cheese
Adding some gravlax before rolling

The rolled burritos before baking

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